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Microfilm Scanning 2011

Microfilm Scanning

As 2010 heads to a close, Generation Imaging just wants to wish you Happy Holidays: Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah. 2010 was a tough year for the economy and we hope all of our partners are hanging on and continue to be prosperous by making adjustments to adapt to this new economy. G.I. Partners, LLC stands ready to assist you with your microfilm scanning conversion as always, no matter if you are a hobbyist, reseller, or government agency. Generation Imaging has been very busy this year, meeting new clients and providing a top-notch microfilm scanning service to our loyal partners.

You can rest assured that your microfilm scanning conversion will be handled with the attention it deserves.
Some new clients may have uneasiness about sending out 16mm or 35mm rolls for the first time for microfilm scanning. However, we want to assure you that we have handled microfilm for decades and never damaged or lost any reels. Damian Hospital and Daniel Gandul have managed thousands of microfilm scanning projects over the years with no issues.

All of your rolls are logged into our microfilm scanning database. After we receive the 16mm or 35mm roll film, we compare the media to the provided log, if there is one. If there were any discrepancies between the provided log and our initial inventory, you would be notified immediately. Every department utilizes this database to update microfilm scanning information. Reports are generated to indicate the status and image count of each reel at any time during the production workflow. Scanner operators wear rubber gloves when handling film. Access is only given to authorized employees. Office requires our G.I. passcode to enter, and has security cameras.

Please feel free to call or e-mail Dan or Damian any day or time for a microfilm scanning quote or information about the microfilm scanning process.

Have a great holiday to close out 2010, and let’s hope 2011 continues to be good for all of us.
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