Generation Imaging offers wholesale scanning prices to other scanning bureaus, governments, and individuals. We do not subcontract or use middle-men. Based on feedback from our clients and market research, our prices are the best in the industry. Therefore, we cannot publish a price list. Our customer service is just as exceptional, and if you call or email us, we will give you a quote ASAP.

That said, the most important thing you could do for an accurate, quick price quote is to ballpark estimate how many microfilm rolls, microfiche, or aperture cards you have, and around how many images are contained on them.

If you only have a handful or microfilm, microfiche, or aperture cards we have flat rate minimum order prices for that.

If you have any technical requirements or naming conventions, it is our job to guide you through them. So do not be shy to contact us to discuss your project. We will not call you every month asking for an update or give your information away or refer you to a pushy salesperson or another company. All conversations are confidential.