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US Libraries go Microfiche to Digital

A recent movement to convert microfiche to digital images will help local libraries across the nation in their efforts to get more information online. Records stored in a microfilm format is not a preferred method to use since finding information from microfilm is very time consuming. Historians and other genealogical researchers across the nation tell us that once they convert their microfiche to digital, the research time and accuracy have improved dramatically. Additionally, microfiche to digital is now fast and economical, making this process available to everyone.

You don’t have to know much about the process and procedure to convert your microfiche to digital format. Expert help is available at your fingertips. A microfiche to digital conversion is a highly skillful procedure that requires lots of experience to do it right. However, you can take advantage of years of experience from experts that have converted millions of records from microfiche to digital.

Another important aspect of a successful microfiche to digital conversion is the equipment used. There are a number of systems capable of converting your microfiche to digital but not all of these systems will yield the same results. To achieve a high degree of quality on a consistent basis, I recommend that only top quality microfiche to digital equipment be used. This equipment is very expensive so make sure you check with experts that will do this for you for a very cost effective price.

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