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Microfiche Scanning

Microfiche to DVD
Microfiche scanning is possible with specialized equipment, such as NextScan microfiche scanners, Mekel scanners, Sunrise scanners, and others. Scanning microfiche on a flatbed scanner is not an option, and although you can use a reader printer, the time and labor invested is not an option, especially if you have many microfiche cards.

Generation Imaging is comprised of experts in converting microfiche to digital images. Over the years, G.I.’s production team has experience in performing different types of microfiche scanning projects from all over the United States, and has performed work for organizations from England (UK) , Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Foundland, and other countries around the globe. GI prides itself on being open-minded to international microfiche scanning partnerships. We speak English, Spanish,¬†Portuguese, Visaya, and Tagalog.

Generation Imaging can digitize COM fiche, jacketed microfiche, 16mm microfiche, 35mm microfiche, step and repeat microfiche, rewritable microfiche, large format fiche, ultrafiche, and other types of microfiche. Generation Imaging’s microfiche scanning services can convert microfiche to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and other file formats, such as a PDF/A OCR file. Additionally, GI provides image indexing and data entry.

If you are trying to win a government RFP bid that was listed on BidSynch or Onvia and come across a microfiche digitizing portion, we can assist you with a microfiche scanning quote and perform the service.

Whether microfiche digitizing is new to you, you have a microfiche bid opportunity, or if you are an experienced reseller, Generation Imaging can assist you with the microfiche conversion process, and explain the differences between COM fiche, 16mm jacketed microfiche, step and repeat fiche cards, 35mm jackets, and rewritable microfiche.

Please contact us for microfiche scanning pricing and turnaround times.

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