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Microfiche scanning

The first thing that comes to mind to people who hear the term “microfiche” is libraries, but the reality is that many organizations use microfiche as a filing system, like insurance companies, medical offices, or governments. Yes, it’s true there are many organizations and private individuals that handle microfiche on a daily basis to access their information.

This has been a common practice for many years, but microfiche scanning technologies has been changing this dynamic. Whether you have 16mm jacketed microfiche, 35mm microfiche in jackets, COM fiche, step-and-repeat microfiche, or other types of microfiche that store your documents, you are probably thinking there has to be a better way to access the records.

Organizations around the world have taken advantage of microfiche scanning technology and have converted microfiche to digital images. The advantages are obvious when you think of it: eliminates storage cost, allows instant retrieval of information, has the ability to transfer data anywhere, and saves labor. The bottom line is that digitizing microfiche to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or any digital image format has made it easy for such organizations to make this microfiche conversion decision.


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