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Florida Microfilm Scanning Service

florida microfilm scanning

Generation Imaging, a Broward County microfilm scanning company located in Florida, can handle projects from all around the world. However, local federal, state, county, city, or town governments should be aware that we can handle their projects with ease. Individuals in the following areas should also know that Generation Imaging is their local microfilm scanning service bureau:

Broward County Microfilm Scanning
City of Sunrise
Coconut Creek
Cooper City
Coral Springs
Deerfield Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Lauderdale Lakes
Lighthouse Point
North Lauderdale
North Ridge Annex
Oakland Park
Pembroke Park
Pembroke Pines
Pompano Beach
Port Everglades
South Florida
West Hollywood
Westside Branch
Wilton Manors
Dade County Microfilm Scannning
Bal Harbour
Bay Harbor Islands
Carl Fisher
Carol City
Coconut Grove
Coral Gables
Flamingo Lodge
Florida City
Hialeah Gardens
Key Biscayne
Miami Beach
Miami Gardens
Miami Lakes
Miami Shores
Miami Springs
North Bay Village
North Miami
North Miami Beach
Olympia Heights
Opa Locka
Quail Heights
Snapper Creek
South Miami
Sunny Isles Beach
Trail Annex


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Happy New Year from Generation Imaging

The staff at Generation Imaging wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year. Initial polls show people are more hopeful this year than the last few years, so let’s hope that it translates into happiness and work for everyone.

As far as Generation Imaging goes, the growing Florida microfilm scanning company has posted increased revenues and profits every year since it has started thanks to its competitive prices, no corporate overhead, and efficient work.

Generation Imaging would like to thank all of its clients for using its microfilm, microfiche, aperture card, color slides, and document scanning services, in addition to 16mm archive writing services. Generation Imaging realizes that the client is always right, that prices need to be low in this current economy, that deadlines need to be met, and that if you are a reseller confidentiality will be respected. CONTACT US

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The Florida Microfilm Scanning Company

Our Florida microfilm scanning company was used to resolve a microfilm scanning need for a local government agency. In this case, the county had a requirement to digitize 35mm microfilm and create gray scale pdf files and index the files according to specific criterion. With the experts at our scanning company, the project was a success. The county made many requests along the way, and it was a learning experience for the county participants as were able to help communicate various options out scanning company offers.

The Scanning Company That Scans Microfilm

This is a typical development a scanning company should expect to run into during a microfilm conversion project. The experts at our scanning company have resolved similar issues for many years. If you have a need for a microfilm or microfiche conversion process and are interested in contacting anyone of the experts at our scanning company, please let us know. Some of the most productive events happen at he very beginning of the process, when you are just becoming informed of the options and possibilities available from the scanning company.

A good scanning company will find out what your needs are by asking questions related to your project. Whether you have the right answer or not, this feed back set the stage for additional line of questioning that will ultimately inform you of details that may be crucial to you. The idea, from our scanning company point of view, is two-fold: One, we what to make sure you make the best possible decision that will generate the best results for you. Second, we want to make sure we as a scanning company fully understand your needs. CONTACT US

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Microfilm Scanning 2011

Microfilm Scanning

As 2010 heads to a close, Generation Imaging just wants to wish you Happy Holidays: Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah. 2010 was a tough year for the economy and we hope all of our partners are hanging on and continue to be prosperous by making adjustments to adapt to this new economy. G.I. Partners, LLC stands ready to assist you with your microfilm scanning conversion as always, no matter if you are a hobbyist, reseller, or government agency. Generation Imaging has been very busy this year, meeting new clients and providing a top-notch microfilm scanning service to our loyal partners.

You can rest assured that your microfilm scanning conversion will be handled with the attention it deserves.
Some new clients may have uneasiness about sending out 16mm or 35mm rolls for the first time for microfilm scanning. However, we want to assure you that we have handled microfilm for decades and never damaged or lost any reels. Damian Hospital and Daniel Gandul have managed thousands of microfilm scanning projects over the years with no issues.

All of your rolls are logged into our microfilm scanning database. After we receive the 16mm or 35mm roll film, we compare the media to the provided log, if there is one. If there were any discrepancies between the provided log and our initial inventory, you would be notified immediately. Every department utilizes this database to update microfilm scanning information. Reports are generated to indicate the status and image count of each reel at any time during the production workflow. Scanner operators wear rubber gloves when handling film. Access is only given to authorized employees. Office requires our G.I. passcode to enter, and has security cameras.

Please feel free to call or e-mail Dan or Damian any day or time for a microfilm scanning quote or information about the microfilm scanning process.

Have a great holiday to close out 2010, and let’s hope 2011 continues to be good for all of us.
microfilm scanning services CONTACT US

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Trusting a Microfilm Scanning Company

Generation Imaging

Although in today’s economy price has become the main dictator for many when choosing a microfilm scanning company to perform such scanning services as microfilm conversion, microfiche digitizing, aperture card scanning, microfilming, archive writing, paper scanning, and other processes, trust should go a long way as well.

What is trust? For a business-to-business relationship that means Generation Imaging understands that you have deadlines and need a certain standard of quality. Many times in this industry there is confidentially with subcontracting microfilm scanning, and Generation Imaging respects that.

Damian Hospital, who has been the customer service point-man for the last two decades in this industry has never violated confidentiality or gone after end clients for subcontracted microfilm jobs. Damian has never manipulated clients in bid situations and always gives the same price if two or more companies are competing for the same project. Damian is an extension of your production crew, sales team, and technical support.

Dan Gandul’s reputation for honesty and integrity is well known throughout the Florida microfilm scanning production circles- some even say he’s too honest. Dan and Damian both do the right thing when it comes to pricing, service, business ethics, and communication. GI has the personal references to show this.

Damian and Dan are not afraid or shy to put their faces on the front page because Generation Imaging’s whole appeal is that these two men will be 100% responsible for your microfilm project. When it comes to skill, Damian and Dan are known as the cream of the crop when it comes to setting up scanners up and running production here in Sunny Florida- bar none- just ask around. When it comes to digital imaging technical skill, you can be rest assured that Generation Imaging will bring out the best potential of your images and microfilm.

Dan and Damian have put their reputations on the line with Generation Imaging and they will not let you down.  GI is willing to scan one roll or one microfiche for a small minimum fee, and GI stands ready to scan large volume microfilm and microfiche projects. GI is open-minded and strives for mutually beneficial partnerships.

About the Co-Founders of Generation Imaging

Daniel Gandul and Damian Hospital worked together at Lorien Technologies for over ten years. Damian Hospital held senior position in marketing and customer service. He played a major role in developing customer relations, assisting with technical expertise, training key production personnel, and servicing  customer accounts. In addition, Damian is a technical writer and scanner operator.

Daniel Gandul was a co-founder of Lorien Technologies and was the VP of production operations. As part of the senior management team, he was also responsible for developing company plans and company budgets. Prior to Lorien Technologies, Daniel worked for First American Real Estate solutions for over 22 years. He was part of the management team and had the responsibilities for the operation of multiple production departments, including the development and operations of the microfilm scanning department. CONTACT US

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