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Generation Imaging Is The Complete Microfilm Scanning Service Provider

A recent search for Microfilm Scanning Services suggests that many people are looking for some sort of microfilm to digital conversion but may be getting confused with the various naming conventions. It is easy to get lost in the lingo. The difference between microfilm to digital conversion and microfilm conversion to digital, as well as other expressions, all relate to the more general term of microfilm scanning services. However, a microfilm scanning service provider like Generation Imaging can provide many other services that all fall under the umbrella. Microfilm scanning services can also include many other microfilm conversion to digital such as 16mm microfilm to digital conversion, 35mm microfilm conversion to digital and many other microfilm types.Generation Imaging Is The Complete Microfilm Scanning Service Provider

An organization or individual searching for a microfilm scanning service does not need to be an expert in this matter, and should do the best in finding one. Finding a true microfilm scanning service provider helps eliminate some frustrations down the line. As an example, I have talked to customers that needed a microfilm to digital conversion. After further clarification, the customer actually needed a company that had various types of digital microfilm scanners. In this case, the customer identified the source as one type of microfilm when in fact, he had various types that required different microfilm to digital conversion methods. Generation Imaging is a true microfilm scanning service provider equipped with the proper digital microfilm scanners to support all of the customers need.

Microfilm scanning services in today’s age go much further than the traditional microfilm to digital conversion. There are many other things to consider before and after the microfilm conversion to a digital formats. In most instances, the end user is only interested in the end result. For example, John from the genealogical society, wants to transfer his microfilm records to digital so that he can provide all the records online to many interested users. He contacts a microfilm scanning service provider for the solution. Although he has a clear goal, the microfilm scanning service company should provide guidance to keep John out of trouble. A successful microfilm scanning service company should find out how John will be searching for the information and offer solutions like OCR (optical character recognition ), or some other type if indexing format. Also, the microfilm scanning service providers needs to be able to perform microfilm to digital conversion on all of the different types of microfilm that John has in storage so that his image library may be complete. To support this, the microfilm scanning service provider needs to be equipped with digital microfilm scanners for 16mm microfilm, 35mm microfilm, and many other microfilm types.

In addition to indexing and OCR, a microfilm scanning service company should be able to perform data processing to achieve the ultimate goal. After the microfilm to digital conversion is complete, and the data has been indexed according to specifications, the final product may required that the images get wrapped into multi-page pdf files, or some other file structure. The microfilm scanning service providers should be able to handle all of the necessary steps to achieve the best possible results that our current technology offers. Check the services at Generation Imaging for your microfilm conversion needs.


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A Microfiche Machine Offers Low Cost Scanning

So you are looking for a microfiche machine. If so, you probably have some microfiche cards and you need to view the contents in it. Some people when looking for a microfiche machine, find a microfiche viewer. These microfiche machines are different from a microfiche scanner. A microfiche viewer projects an image for viewing, while a microfiche scanner creates a digital file to view in a computer.

Save Images With A Microfiche Machine

These two distinctly different microfiche machines are widely used for the same reason. However, the scanner is the modern microfiche machine that is recommended because it offers the user a great deal of functionality. The images that a microfiche machine creates as pdf or jpegs, can be stored in your computer just as a digital picture. Microfiche machines of these type are very expensive and are usually bout by large a microfiche scanning company. You can contact us if you have a handful of microfiche cards or many thousands of microfiche and you want our microfiche machine to convert your images to digital. Our microfiche machine can generate whatever format images you like.

The advanced microfiche machine we use is extremely advanced and creates very high quality files. These files can be copied to a pc and sent through the internet. The difference between a viewing microfiche machine and a scanning microfiche machine is like day and night. The price is very different, but with the help of a scanning company, you don’t need to worry about the cost. In fact, the cost to use our microfiche machine can be cents per image. CONTACT US

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Another County Digitize Negatives to Preserve Records

Seems like everyday, another organization makes a move to digitize negatives to preserve historical records. This is a good move when you consider the benefits when you digitize negatives from microfiche cards. Microfiche with historical records are not easily accessible by the general public and they run the risk of deterioration and loss. If you digitize negatives from these microfiche, these issues go away.

Ditigize Negatives Technology

The best time to digitize negatives from microfiche cards is before they begin to deteriorate. When this happens, the microfiche begins to lose quality and will eventually become useless. The precess to digitize negatives from these microfiche should start way before this decomposition has a chance to take place. The older the microfiche, the higher the risk of decomposition, although other conditions may also contribute. It is better to digitize negatives early to preserve quality and information.

Historical records hold an irreplaceable value. The ultimate step to digitize negatives from the microfiche will ensure that the information is preserved. Also digitize negatives allow easy access and distribution of the information. With this, when you digitize negatives you increase the value of the records and add layers of protection to the system. CONTACT US

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How to Scan Genealogical Records

microfiche genealogy
Converting genealogical microfiche to PDF– it is easier now that in the past to find information about your ancestors. You can locate organizations that collect and provide genealogical information for you to research. However historical records are not always easy to get to. Many historical records and vital records like birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificate, and divorce records, are stored in a non digital format. Contact us for all your needs in converting your genealogical records from their original format to an up-to-date digital format, such as PDF, TIFF, or JPEG.

Most of us like to have more information about our ancestry and to know more about our own history. Building a family tree used to be limited to the information passes down from older relatives. Many people have spend countless number of hours gathering information to build their own family tree. But many times these information was very limited in-spite of their efforts. Companies that offer genealogical records to individuals that are looking for family history are looking for ways to provide more information for you. At Generation Imaging, we are experts at converting all types of microfiche records to digital format. In addition, we can perform OCR and create searchable PDF files. The advantage of a searchable PDF is that you can type a name into the computer, and the system will locate the name on the image for you. At Generation Imaging, we can help automate your genealogical microfiche records system by providing records scanning from your existing hard copy format. Genealogical research institution are becoming increasingly automated.

Contacting us for your microfilm or document conversion needs is easy. Generation Imaging is equipped to quickly and efficiently convert your genealogical records for you. Vital records often require special handling and care to preserve the integrity of old documents. We use the best equipment for the job. Our experience converting different types of microfiche such as 16mm microfiche, 35mm microfiche, step-and-repeat microfiche, microfiche jackets, COM fiche, old microfiche, and rewritable fiche is unmatched.

If you have millions of vital records that need to be digitized, or if you just a few microfiche cards, we can help you decide the best way to digitize the images, and we can provide you with the best options for you historical records. CONTACT US

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