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Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning Services

Why Choose Generation Imaging for a Microfilm or Microfiche Conversion?

Generation Imaging believes our microfilm scanning company stands out from the crowd. We know how frustrating it could be to search for the right microfiche or microfilm scanning services company. The main reasons to use Generation Imaging for your digital conversion:

  • Wholesale scanning prices: Price is the #1 concern about microfiche and microfilm digitization services. Generation Imaging does not mark up prices, subcontract, or overcharge.
  • Dedicated and experienced team. With over 30 years of experience, we have seen all types of microfiche and microfilm, from standard jackets to combo fiche to ultrafiche, we seen them all.
  • We have top notch customer service and a quick turnaround. We are not a faceless organization or corporate conglomerate. We have had no shipping mishaps. We realize you may prefer a local microfiche scanning company, but we bet we could outperform them on quality and price.
  • Specialized. Unlike other scanning bureaus which sell microfilm scanners, microfiche supplies, electronic document management software, or cloud-based hosting, we  focus and specialize in the niche of document, microfilm, microfiche, aperture card, and slide scanning. This scan conversion is the most important part of the project.

Benefits of Digital Imaging

Scanned images take up less storage space than physical media
Converted files are easy to retrieve and transfer
Files can be duplicated easily 
The risk of loss and damage drops considerably 
Eliminates the need to fix reader printers or viewers
Subcontracting scanning cost is usually than buying a new scanner

Generation Imaging specializes in the following scanning services:

Microfilm Scanning

Microfilm scanning is the process which converts 16mm or 35mm roll film into digital images. Roll film types include simplex, duplex, cartridges, thin film, thick film, duo, positive, and negative. These files can be TIFF, PDF, or JPEG.

Microfilm Scanning Services For Todays Needs

 Microfiche Scanning

Microfiche scanning is the act of converting 16mm or 35mm jacket fiche, combo microfiche, COM fiche, step-and-repeat microfiche, ultrafiche, and rewritable fiche to digital image.microfiche conversion

 Aperture Card Scanning

Aperture card scanning converts apertures to image and reads Hollerith code to name the files.florida aperture card scanning

Slide Scanning

Slide scanning preserves your memories stored on KODAK or other old slides into color images. We create full color JPEGS.

florida slide scanning

 Florida Document Scanning

Document scanning is the process of converting paper into digital images. We can help your office records if you are in doctor office, medical office, lawfirm, building department, school, and more.

Generation Imaging’s address is:

Generation Imaging
1071 W 50TH PLACE

We provide all of your microfilm, microfiche, aperture card, color slides, and paper document digitization needs.

So please think of us us when you come across that media.


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Archival Services and Document Scanning Go Hand in Hand

Archival Services allows you to easily and effectively store and retrieve  documents for your operation. Archival services and Document scanning are services provided to help organizations go paperless and generate a system where you can store huge amounts of information and at the same time create a scheme to locate and view the information very quickly. In cases where you need to build a backup of microfilm from your documents or images, Archival services will has enable the generation of 16mm microfilm or 35mm microfilm.

Archival Services To Store Your Document Data

It is essential to understand your ultimate goal and the purpose of archival services if you are planning on using this service. We can update you on all you need to know about archival services and it won’t cost you a cent. If you don’t know the best solution for your organization,  you may miss out on great opportunities that are available for you. More importantly, archival services can save you time and money if done correctly. But if the best solution is not applied, archival services could may turn out to be inefficient in the long run.

Once archival services is determine to be the best course of action, understanding the  difference between different reduction and microfilm capabilities is only the beginning. A good retrieval system is the one that offers an efficient mechanism for years to come. Archival services should include a reliable back up of the data and a scalable system for the production environment. With the ideal archival services, you should be protected from damage or loss of data.


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Scanning Company Turns Ducument System To Digital

Is your document system costing you money? Document storage and filing systems could be costing you in more ways that one. The benchmark has changed, and what used to be efficient just a few years ago may benefit from a scanning company evaluation. Our scanning company is capable to leading the way towards a paperless environment that is more efficient. Some larger companies are already bypassing paper altogether and generating digital information so they may not require a scanning company.

Florida Docuemnt Scanning Company

Most office business are not digital friendly and already have many boxes of files with paper documents. There is a cost for storing all these document, whether you store them in a professional  location or in your garage, there is a cost. Also, the cost to maintain and the file and refiling system can be very costly. Our scanning company can run an evaluation to demo this cost. Also, our scanning company can demo a real digital system to perform a comparison for you. When we set your private document system, it will be customized for your own use with your own requirements.

Here is how it can work. A representative from our scanning company will ask you some questions to get familiar with your current system and how it works. We then take some sample documents and create digital images. We the use the your input to develop a digital retrieval system that best fits your needs. The representative from our scanning company will then install a demo in your computer and where you can see the final product in action. CONTACT US

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Turn Office Paperless With Records Scanning

Ever need to search large piles of documents? Records scanning can change that. Records scanning transfers documents to digital for computer use. Records scanning is fast and economical and will save many hours of tedious work in a regular work environment. There is no real need to keep boxes of paper around the office. I addition to taking up too much space, when you need to find a file, you probably would prefer not to have to search through them. Records scanning can definitely help make this dream come true.
Documents Go Digital With Records Scanning

Offices that can take advantage of records scanning include medical offices, lawyers, hospitals, schools, and any other office that generates application or work orders on paper. Records scanning is ideal for reducing or eliminating the paper system and convert paper to a paperless work area. Many professional offices are generating digital files but many others are not there yet. But records scanning can bring you to the same level by converting the paper you now have to a digital storage and retrieving system.

Records scanning in South Florida is made possible with our local services. We perform records scanning in our offices and we pick up and deliver to you location. We can install a storage and retrieval system in your own computer or in a special system where we upload your files. This is a very simple process that is available to anyone who has or is generating paper files. Records scanning can be performed on old files and also on new files to keep the system up to date. CONTACT US

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Document Conversion Project Free Testing

At Generation Imaging, we are doing all we can to help our customers deal with their document conversion projects. As part of our efforts, we have established a free no obligation testing process

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