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Convert Microfiche to PDF

Thanks to the beauty of the internet, it has never been easier to finding a solution to convert microfiche to PDF. Damian Hospital and Dan Gandul have decades of experience with microfiche scanning and through the use of the internet can reach out to more people who need to convert microfiche to digital image (PDF, TIFF, or JPEG). Generation Imaging provides wholesale pricing and very low flat rate fees if you just have a handful of fiche or even for just one card.

Some potential clients are hesitant to send out their fiche in the mail, but Generation Imaging has never had a shipping mishap and your media is secure at G.I.’s office in Florida. Generation Imaging prides itself on meeting deadlines and its internal quality control methods. If you want to convert microfiche to PDF, you can rest assured your fiche are in capable hands. You can join other satisfied clients: Generation Imaging Testimonials.

The cost to convert microfiche to PDF, TIFF, or JPEG depends on the volume (number of cards + number of frames on the cards) and if there are any indexing parameters or image enhancements/processing (such as OCR- Object Character Recognition).

Generation Imaging does not engage in any “bait and switch” tactics, scanning subcontracting, overhype our capabilities to convert microfiche, or lies about due dates. If anything changes during the scanning process (like if the fiche wasn’t as described or some fiche were of a lower quality than the initial test) you would be notified immediately.

The final product can be of any format or filing system you’d like. When we convert microfiche, we can create single page images or multi-page images. Images can be scanned at any DPI resolution. Folders can be named however you’d like. CONTACT US

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Convert Microfiche

Although there are technically several ways to convert microfiche to PDF, TIFF, or JPEG, only one of them will deliver to you a high quality product, in a fast amount of time, at a low price. That method, of course, would be to send your microfiche to Generation Imaging in Florida via USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL, or via courier. But let us quickly go through the other methods to convert microfiche and see why they aren’t truly options:

  • Buy your own scanner. Sure you can get a ScanPro 2000 for a few thousand dollars. We have one of those- but we wouldn’t dare use them to convert microfiche for you. The reason why the ScanPro is inexpensive compared to the high production microfiche scanners is because the optics are poor for scanning microfiche; the high reduction ratio of microfiche (24x to 48x), lack of advanced quality filters, and rudimentary camera optics are all factors that are obstacles for creating a quality image. I didn’t even mention that you have to load one card at a time for the ScanPro. Although the ScanPro has its uses for other media, and it does come in handy for us for odd microform we may come across (it’s our business to receive all types of weird film) it’s not suitable for producing an acceptable quality to convert microfiche.
  • Buy high-end scanners. High production/high optics microfiche scanners (what Generation Imaging uses) can run you anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 each depending on make and model. In addition to maintenance costs, you must consider training, managing labor, workflow, and technical support.
  • Flat-bed scanner. PC scanners are unable to convert microfiche (the magnification is too low).
  • Reader printer. Reader printers cost around $3000 to $8000. The manual labor is very time consuming to convert microfiche to digital image (one frame at a time).
  • Used scanners, used reader printers, etc. Although used scanning equipment sounds good on paper because the prices are cut by thousands of dollars, they don’t come with any warranties. When you consider that reader printers are known to break down and parts are needed, and the same can be said of microfiche scanners.

Ultimately, it is more cost effective and safer to allow Generation Imaging to convert microfiche for your project. You can plug the numbers yourself and weight the risk factors. If you have a small volume project which requires you to convert microfiche, it’s a no-brainer to use Generation Imaging.

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