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Get your Microfiche Conversion Project Test for Free

At Generation Imaging, we are doing all we are able to to help our customers cope with their Microfiche conversion projects. As a part of our efforts, we have established a free no obligation testing process, where we take a sampling of the Microfiche conversion project and perform a Microfiche conversion simulation test, just like we might on the real job. This test has many benefits.

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Get your Microfilm Conversion Project Test For Free

At Generation Imaging, we’re doing all we can to help our customers take care of their microfilm conversion projects. As a part of our efforts, we have now established a free no obligation testing process, where we take a sampling of the microfilm conversion project and perform a microfilm conversion simulation test

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How To Preserve Document Quality During Document Scanning

Document quality preservation during a document conversion process is a critical aspect of a document conversion project. There are many factors that affect the resulting quality of documents and document scanning projects when undergoing a digitizing process.

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Document Scanning Florida

ITEM: Converting paper files to electronic images saves you and your organization money in the long term.

Converting documents to CD, DVD, or your network for easy access and retrieval has the following benefits – reduced costs, streamlined operations and less stress.  Having documents on mobile media or an intranet or internet provides disaster recovery as well.

Generation Imaging recommends paper backfile conversions and go-forward document conversion. Generation Imaging has assisted psychiatrist  offices, accounting offices, and mortgage titles and deeds offices in document scanning.  Generation Imaging takes a great pride and responsibility in helping fellow small businesses.

ITEM: Generation Imaging also provides out-of-state document backfile conversions.
If you have a private office or if your organization needs paper scanning, you can send the documents via certified carrier to Generation Imaging for digital conversion. The staff at Generation Imaging has ran numerous paper scanning jobs from around the United States using this safe method.

ITEM: Mobile document scanning?

If you prefer that the document conversion be handled at your office in South Florida, Generation Imaging’s mobile solution will go to you.

ITEM: How much do document scanning and paper conversions cost?
Generation Imaging offers extremely competitive pricing due to a deep understanding of today’s economy.  No matter what your requirements, Generation Imaging can make it happen.

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