New Economy; New Rules: Discounted Microfilm Scanning, Microfiche Scanning, Aperture Card Scanning, and Imaging Services

Author: G.I. Partners

How To Preserve Document Quality During Document Scanning

Document quality preservation during a document conversion process is a critical aspect of a document conversion project. There are many factors that affect the resulting quality of documents and document scanning projects when undergoing a digitizing process.

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Document Scanning in Florida

Document scanning is an ideal electronic management system for South Florida CPA offices, Archived records, law offices, real estate and mortgage companies, medical records, engineering firms, insurance companies, banks, credit unions, human resources, school districts, and technical reports.

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Document Scanning DEMO

Generation Imaging’s goal is to customize your digital solution, as opposed to forcing you into buying document managing software you can’t use, or try to sell you a system that drastically changes the way you organize your files. We just want to make your professional life easier by digitizing your office’s paper documents and organizing in a system that is easy for you to retrieve.

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Importance of Document Scanning

Document scanner

Document scanner

What is the importance of document scanning and converting your office paper to an efficient digital system? Just take a look at your file cabinets and hundreds of folders. Do you grow weary of searching endlessly for your invoice, proof of delivery, patient record, sales order, PO, contract, or other important document?

It may seem like too daunting or expensive of a project to turn all of this into a digital system for instant document retrieval (and we know every office has a list of reasons why a system wouldn’t work), but you can actually bring savings, efficiency and improved business results to your organization if you contact Generation Imaging.

* Improve customer service by serving them more efficiently

* Decreasing operational and labor costs

* Join the rest of organizations in the 21st century

Generation Imaging specializes in document management systems and custom made soultions for organizations and businnesses in South Florida (Broward County, Dade County, and Palm Beach County). Contact us today!

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Microfilm scanning conversion

Generation Imaging provides the best quality microfilm scanning services at the lowest prices in the industry. Why? Would your microfilm scanning be performed overseas? Nope.

Generation Imaging has perfected scanning microfilm with no corporate overhead; Generation Imaging is made up of microfilm scanner operators and managers with over 20+ years of experience. Your microfilm conversion to PDF, TIFF, or JPEG will be done at wholesale microfilm scanning prices. You will be going DIRECT to the workers themselves as opposed to a CEO or middle-men doubling profits.

Is the quality good? Generation Imaging uses the latest generation of microfilm scanners  to produce the best quality bi-tonal or grayscale images. Before Generation Imaging converts your microfilm job, you would be e-mailed samples for you to approve and your expectations would be realistic.

Microfiche scanning pricing – Generation Imaging operates high-volume microfilm scanners with no middle-men or corporate overhead, and therefore offers the lowest best pricing in the microfilm digitization industry.

Microfiche Scanning Turnaround Time – Depending on the microfilm volume, Generation Imaging can operate 24/7.

Microfiche Scanning Experience – Generation Imaging’s staff as scanned over a billion images for clients in virtually every industry.

Generation Imaging’s microfilm scanning services include:

  • 16mm roll film
  • 35mm roll film
  • 16mm duplex roll film
  • Duplicated microfilm
  • Duo microfilm
  • COM roll film
  • 3M cartridge roll film
  • Kodak cartridge roll film
  • Continuous microfilm


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