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Another County Digitize Negatives to Preserve Records

Seems like everyday, another organization makes a move to digitize negatives to preserve historical records. This is a good move when you consider the benefits when you digitize negatives from microfiche cards. Microfiche with historical records are not easily accessible by the general public and they run the risk of deterioration and loss. If you digitize negatives from these microfiche, these issues go away.

Ditigize Negatives Technology

The best time to digitize negatives from microfiche cards is before they begin to deteriorate. When this happens, the microfiche begins to lose quality and will eventually become useless. The precess to digitize negatives from these microfiche should start way before this decomposition has a chance to take place. The older the microfiche, the higher the risk of decomposition, although other conditions may also contribute. It is better to digitize negatives early to preserve quality and information.

Historical records hold an irreplaceable value. The ultimate step to digitize negatives from the microfiche will ensure that the information is preserved. Also digitize negatives allow easy access and distribution of the information. With this, when you digitize negatives you increase the value of the records and add layers of protection to the system. CONTACT US


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