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How to Scan Genealogical Records

microfiche genealogy
Converting genealogical microfiche to PDF– it is easier now that in the past to find information about your ancestors. You can locate organizations that collect and provide genealogical information for you to research. However historical records are not always easy to get to. Many historical records and vital records like birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificate, and divorce records, are stored in a non digital format. Contact us for all your needs in converting your genealogical records from their original format to an up-to-date digital format, such as PDF, TIFF, or JPEG.

Most of us like to have more information about our ancestry and to know more about our own history. Building a family tree used to be limited to the information passes down from older relatives. Many people have spend countless number of hours gathering information to build their own family tree. But many times these information was very limited in-spite of their efforts. Companies that offer genealogical records to individuals that are looking for family history are looking for ways to provide more information for you. At Generation Imaging, we are experts at converting all types of microfiche records to digital format. In addition, we can perform OCR and create searchable PDF files. The advantage of a searchable PDF is that you can type a name into the computer, and the system will locate the name on the image for you. At Generation Imaging, we can help automate your genealogical microfiche records system by providing records scanning from your existing hard copy format. Genealogical research institution are becoming increasingly automated.

Contacting us for your microfilm or document conversion needs is easy. Generation Imaging is equipped to quickly and efficiently convert your genealogical records for you. Vital records often require special handling and care to preserve the integrity of old documents. We use the best equipment for the job. Our experience converting different types of microfiche such as 16mm microfiche, 35mm microfiche, step-and-repeat microfiche, microfiche jackets, COM fiche, old microfiche, and rewritable fiche is unmatched.

If you have millions of vital records that need to be digitized, or if you just a few microfiche cards, we can help you decide the best way to digitize the images, and we can provide you with the best options for you historical records. CONTACT US


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