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Aperture Card Scanning

Data PC Cards
Many organizations such as nuclear power plants, engineering firms, city mapping, weapons manufacturers, and counties handle aperture cards on a daily basis to access and use information. Aperture cards usually contain some type of engineering drawings, building blue prints, or title records.

Although handling these old PC data card has been a common practice for years, aperture card scanning technologies has been changing this dynamic. If you use aperture cards to store and retrieve your documents, you are probably thinking there has to be a quicker and more efficient method.

The process of digitizing aperture cards has been around for some time now, good aperture card conversion companies- like Generation Imaging- has the required equipment and knowledge to safeguard your apertures and to achieve the best possible digital conversion results.

Generation Imaging will transfer the data you have on your aperture cards to a digital format, such as TIFF, JPEG, PDF, or other file format. Digital conversion is ideal for storing and retrieving documents.

If you need to convert aperture cards to digital images Generation Imaging will offer you a cost-effective solution. We can convert A- E + size engineering drawings.

What are some sales questions for aperture card scanning? How will the aperture cards be retrieved once in a digital format? Convert aperture cards to PDF or TIFF? Multi-page or single page? Will the hollerith code punches be used to index and name the images? What if there are no hollerith punches? Are the aperture card drawing numbers or name typed on the title of the card and/or on the images themselves? What are the different size drawing contained in the aperture card collection?

All of these questions should be cleared up during the question and answer initial phase of a large aperture card set.

Also, if you subscribe to government bid RFP websites like RFPDepot BidSync or Onvia and others, or you work with counties, cities, state governments, you may come across aperture card scanning portions of a bid. Please keep Generation Imaging in mind to help you out.

Aperture card scanning is a specialty for G.I. Partner, LLC in Florida, and the have the experience and talented staff to convert aperture cards to digital image. CONTACT US

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