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Document Scanning DEMO

Example of Custom Indexing

Example of Custom Indexing

Generation Imaging will apply the following steps for your document scanning project:

  • Document Preparation Your documents, generally stored in paper cabinets with folders, will be logged and prepared to be digitized
  • Document Scanning Your paper will be digitally converted to JPEG, TIFF, PDF, or other imaging format
  • Document Indexing Either by data entry keying or OCR, your images will be named by whichever fields that you search by
  • Quality Control Generation Imaging knows how important it is for medical records to be readable and complete, which is why we will verify that the digital imaging conversion meets your agreed upon standards.
  • Electronic Document Management You will be able to retrieve your images easily by name, date, folder structure, or however you wish. Your images can be on a secure network in your office, CD, DVD, secure Internet or Intranet, and have remote backup. All of Generation Imaging’s processes comply with HIPAA.

Generation Imaging’s goal is to customize your digital solution, as opposed to forcing you into buying document managing software you can’t use, or try to sell you a system that drastically changes the way you organize your files. We just want to make your professional life easier by digitizing your office’s paper documents and organizing in a system that is easy for you to retrieve.

Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Generation Imaging can index your office’s document backfile and current paper flow based on whichever data fields you desire, such as patient name, visit date, DOB, physician’s name, treatment, account number, invoice number, and much more.  Generation Imaging can integrate your existing document filing managing system to reach newer levels of efficiency.

Also: our data indexing services for paper scanning is the same for microfilm scanning, microfiche scanning, and aperture card scanning.


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