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CPA Document Scanning

CPA offices of all sizes can benefit from a paperless work flow office. Many large and some medium size CPA offices have adopted some type of imaging process, but many have not. This is more apparent for the medium to small size offices.

So why have the larger firms gone paperless and not the smaller ones?

The benefits are many for all firms.  From a cleaner, more organized process, to cost savings and better service, Document Scanning solutions should be an easy decision for all. Yet many firms stay with traditional systems that they simply fill comfortable with.

The answer may lie in how comfortable people do get with their current system as well as the reluctance in trying something new.

It is safe to assume that everyone can understand the benefits of Document scanning but to help make the transition,  it may require an expert in Document Scanning,  Document Solutions, Document Scanning Equipment and Office software and equipment networking. A professional with all these skills can set all the required components, including all the essential software, scanners and printers. Equally important, a Document Scanning professional should also provide the necessary training to assure that everyone in the firm is capable of performing all the necessary functions of their job.

It does not stop here.  A professional Document Scanning service provider needs to be available for support even after the system has been completely set up and is working well.   A fear that is shared by many CPA firms is that help may not come quick enough when needed.

There are generally three main parts to a Document Conversion system. The first one is often the Back File Conversion of existing customer files.  This process is usually perform by the Document Scanning firm using highly efficient equipment.

The second stage of the Document Conversion Process involves setting up all the required Hardware and Document Handling Software.  The Document Scanning Provider needs to consider the CPA Firm’s requirements and needs when considering the proper Document scanning Solution for the client.  For example, some firms will need to be equipped with their own Document Scanning Equipment to scan incoming documents on an as-need basis. Other firms will prefer that the Document Scanning professional continue to provide the Document Scanning services on an on-going basis.  In this case, the firm may not need to invest in scanning equipment.  Other significant considerations is the Document Handling software required.  Some CPA firms may make this decision based on personal or organizational preference.

The third stage involves the ongoing service and support.  At times, a CPA firm makes the decision to go paperless base on the assurance that a professional Document Scanning firm will guarantee  this ongoing support after the initial document conversion. CONTACT US

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